It started as a dream and then became into reality.

FASCO GROUP was recognized for clients and customers satisfaction on their needs in the field of construction and logistics industry. It was originally established in Turkey in year 2006 and is continuously expanding to the most dynamic and progressive country with a high standard of living which is in the United Arab Emirates.

It was visualized that there will be a positive view that the construction industry in UAE will have an optimistic growth in the preceding year. It has been noticed that UAE has undertaken a deep economic transformation over the past decade and its various Economics and flourishment.

As the state became the crossroad for all the international economic, investment and culture companies, and the destination for millions of tourists around the world and an international station for holding big fairs in the region, thanks to the wise leadership and balanced approach in addition to its important location and strong economy.

Indeed, Entrepreneurs, businessmen and even foreigner investors can depend on and can take the risk on investing their efforts, time and money to this country which has the potential on increasing their income which leads to a positive influence to the growth of the business sector in UAE.

Moreover, FASCO GROUP became the leading company in the field of construction industry in Turkey so the company decided to build and expand its expertise in UAE in the year 2009. With the competences of the Turkey economy, the company experience will bring its level to the higher level of success.

Nowadays, FASCO GROUP continues to expand and grew more in the area of construction to the United Arab Emirates, throughout Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Our Vision & Mission

FASCO GROUP aims to build lasting impressions on Turkey, Fascinating landscape, and emerge as a leader in construction and logistics, we are proud to be the core contributor in TURKEY.

We are determined to be the market leader in the field of construction and logistics market, engineering by Improving our infrastructure, skills, and our professional approach to use the skillful resource to bring in maximum expertise to the best satisfaction of our clients.

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